Tashina Brito








Name: Tashina Brito

Employer/position: Capital Public Radio’s Community Relations Manager

Role on the committee: Emerge Summit Co-Chair

What’s your relationship to Metro EDGE and/or Emerge Summit? I joined Metro EDGE a handful of years ago. My first action item was to find a committee and use it as touchpoint for my involvement with the organization. After a few years with the Development Committee (responsible for educational forums and signature events like Executive Insight), I was given the opportunity to put my event planning skills to further use as I joined the Emerge Summit team. I’ve graduated to Co-Chair and sit on EDGE’s Leadership Council, which has opened to my eyes to how much EDGE does in our community. Get involved. Amazing people are waiting to meet you.

What do you love about Sacramento? Born here, I explored the surrounding mountains, rivers and deserts with family and friends. Entering adulthood, I moved into the city center. I feed off involvement. Recognizing residents and business owners around town, I’m energized when working collectively to develop our region, fulfilled when engaged in community projects. I love the sense of belonging, tinged with exciting growth, that’s found right here, right now in Sacramento and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Why would you recommend the Emerge Summit? I’m a sucker for learning and Emerge Summit is the perfect reason to (finally) dedicate time to those questions we’ve been trying to answer, those skills we’ve been trying to buildout, those people we’ve been wanting to connect with, those ideas we’ve wanted to be a part of. It’s a one-day launchpad to better understand and get involved with things that affect how we work, play and live.

How have you made your mark on Sacramento? Each new project, each new event, each new networking opportunity brings new people into my fold. These people have ideas that I learn about and have opportunity to support. I’m helping build a network of colleagues and friends and positioning myself in that circle of doers.

One thing that people would be surprised to know about you? On the weekends, I play house with four chickens. They always make me responsible for all the cleaning.