Tiff Harter

Tiff Harter

Tiff Harter is a coach, facilitator, planner, volunteer, gardener, creator, mom, leader, and all-around gentle human living in Orangevale, California. 

As a professional coach and facilitator Tiff supports people and teams to get clear on what’s important to them, what they’re here to do, and their path to success.

Tiff’s love of people and in-between spaces (the between ‘what is’ and ‘what can be’) has drawn her to coaching. She has a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology from CSUS and has spent over fifteen years in public service planning, managing projects, facilitating, writing, and being awesome. She is also a Senior Fellow of the Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program and a member of the Wellspring Women’s Center board of directors. 

When not coaching Tiff can often be found walking with her pug beagle mix (Oberon) or listening to an audiobook in her garden.

Mentoring, Coaching, Training, Championing

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Mentoring, coaching, training, championing, and consulting, while sometimes used interchangeably, are distinct and serve different purposes for an individual’s personal and professional growth. Upon completing this session participants will be able to 1) explain the differences between mentoring, coaching, training, championing, and consulting, 2) identify when each option may be called for and example goals […]