Nino Roy Machado

Nino Roy Machado

Nino Roy Machado has had a rich history in Sacramento creating, building, and cultivating the arts, music, and business for over 30 years.  The foundation of Roy’s journey started at CSU Sacramento in the field of Ethnic Studies and Music.  Each endeavor Roy has created has centered through the lens around empowering BIPOC communities and celebrating arts, music, and culture.

In the early 2000s, Roy co-founded Twelves Wax, a boutique record/vinyl shop in downtown Sacramento from 2001-2006.  The record store was a hub for the Sacramento hip-hop music scene as the shop started concert promotions and events bringing acts such as the Roots, Ms. Lauryn Hill, Common, Mos Def, and many more to Sacramento at a time when hip-hop music was not entertained in many Sacramento music venues.  Twelves Wax helped break down the doors and barriers in allowing local bars, restaurants, and music venues to give space and opportunity to the thriving music scene that we have today.

Twelves Wax has since re-opened its doors in 2021 in Oak Park.  Twenty years later, the mission remains the same cultivating a music scene for DJs, music lovers, and beatmakers.  It’s important for local businesses to have a connection with the community they serve.  Creating programming and space for music artists to build and grow is the lifeblood of a healthy music scene.

As the great recession and financial collapse occurred in 2007, Roy started his career in Real Estate.  As his friends and family members started feeling the hardship of losing their homes, Roy felt this was the time people needed a real estate agent.  Roy helped create systems to grow a real estate business and successfully sell over 2000 houses a year from 2007-2011.

In 2017 Roy founded All City Homes, a boutique real estate brokerage with a mission of empowering people through home ownership and uplifting communities through social responsibility.  The industry of real estate has had a profound effect on our communities that has brought prosperity and opportunity for some while simultaneously causing harm and destitution for others.  Roy’s life passion is that we can resolve some of the problems we suffered as a community by creating pathways to homeownership creating generational wealth and legacy.

All City Homes is a real estate company consisting of BIPOC agents located in the greater Sacramento area, Bay Area, Southern California, and San Antonio, Texas.  To create and grow BIPOC wealth through real estate, we need to cultivate and create space for BIPOC real estate agents to thrive and be successful.  All City hosts a series of classes on financial literacy, first-time home buyer workshops, and race and real estate classes on how to grow diversity within the real estate industry.