Madeline Barbour

Madeline Barbour

Maddy Barbour is the Program Manager for the Sacramento MetroBusiness Center, where she gets to put her passion in action and serve others in the community. She received a BA in Communications with a Minor in Human Services from Cal State Fullerton and she has since built the base of her career through various roles in the nonprofit sector. On top of working as the Program Manager for the MetroBusiness Center, you can find Maddy strolling the streets of Midtown enjoying the many farmers’ markets, stopping in at her favorite coffee shops, and leveling up in spin class. She’s also well on her way to completing her bucket list of visiting all 50 states by the time she’s 35. She has 32 states down and only 18 states to go!

From Side-Hustle to Your Own Business: The Story

Harlow's - Upstairs in the Starlet Room

Join the MetroBusiness Center staff, Kyla and Maddy, as they host an interactive interview with rising business owner, Kristina Cruz of Cruzin2Health. In this discussion you will hear about Kristina’s journey into entrepreneurship, parenthood and how to keep wellness, strength and longevity at the core of all you do, in whatever professional journey you are […]