Kyla Bryant

Kyla Bryant

The MetroBusiness Center delivers guidance, direction, and resources to small and mid-size businesses through services including educational opportunities and individualized consulting. Kyla Bryant is the Director of the Sacramento MetroBusiness Center and always strives to implement empathetic leadership practices while walking others through times of crisis and change. Her educational background includes a MA in Leadership- Organizational Learning and Effectiveness from University of the Pacific and a BA in Psychology. She has walked people and businesses through times of crisis and change throughout her career. Kyla lives in Sacramento, with her husband and their daughter. In her spare time, she loves watching sports and is part of an all-female Fantasy Football league.

From Side-Hustle to Your Own Business: The Story

Harlow's - Upstairs in the Starlet Room

Join the MetroBusiness Center staff, Kyla and Maddy, as they host an interactive interview with rising business owner, Kristina Cruz of Cruzin2Health. In this discussion you will hear about Kristina‚Äôs journey into entrepreneurship, parenthood and how to keep wellness, strength and longevity at the core of all you do, in whatever professional journey you are […]