Adriana Rodriguez

Adriana Rodriguez

Adriana Rodriguez (she/ella) is a first-gen, queer Latinx psychotherapist and wellness expert, a daughter of immigrants passionate about empowering professionals to live and lead with intention. Adriana is a professional with 14+ years of experience working at the intersection of education leadership, non profit management and mental health. Adriana’s work is intersectional, she intentionally addresses the way in which systems of oppression, family dynamics, ethnic and racial identity, the gender binary, historical, racial, collective, and intergenerational trauma impact our mental health and become barriers for life and career advancement.

Understanding and Combating Imposter Syndrome

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Have you ever felt like you’re not as capable as people think you are? Have you felt like a fraud who is about to be uncovered? Have you ever believed you only achieved success because you were lucky? If you answered yes, you may be experiencing Impostor Syndrome. Impostor Syndrome is the sense that you […]