Name: Siven Ly

Employer/position: Organizational Change and Culture Manager, Alluma

Role on the committee:
Logistics Lead 

With a deep-rooted love for serving and strengthening her community, Siven serves as the Special Programs Manager at Alluma. Working with the executive and senior leadership teams, she develops, implements and monitors new projects and programs to support the strategic direction of the organization to create connections between people and the lives they dream of through health and social services. Her passion for helping those in need extends beyond her professional work, as she currently serves as a council member of Women United, a group focused on ensuring local foster youth are prepared for a successful transition to independence and ready for success in life. She has also spent the last 10 years creating and supporting various community programs on both the east and west coasts!

While Siven isn’t a Sacramento native, she feels like Sacramento is her new home. She has experienced Sacramento to be a beautiful city that is actively growing and expanding in exponential ways to support its families and individuals, and she wanted to get involved. Metro EDGE enables her not only to grow professionally and create her own connections, but also have a helping hand in developing the communities around her. Siven has her Master of Science in Human Resource Management and specializations in organizational change management and organizational leadership from