How to Crush The Peer to Manager Level-Up

Getting promoted is an exciting milestone, but how do you go from work besties to manager? How do you lead people that are older, more tenured, or smarter than you? How do you know if you’re ready to make the leap, or were successful when you jumped?

Our speaker is a nerd-turned-NFL Cheerleader-turned-Ad Exec, so she’s an expert in navigating major life transitions with authenticity and excellence. Often considered by tech clients as “just another dumb blonde working next to smarter engineers,” Kara’s track record demonstrates how you can be real, and real good at the same time.

In this session you’ll tap into your unique power while learning the tactical skills to be the leader people actually need right now. We’ll cover it all from how to see if you’re ready for direct reports, how to pitch your promotion, and how to be effective and genuine in your role.

If Kara can evaluate multi-million dollar budgets in a crop-top, you can lead an annual review – and in this session she’ll show you how. (Bring your own crop top though)