Get Off The Hamster Wheel – A 360° Approach to Creating an Intentional Life

When is the last time you worked ON your life instead of IN your life? Only working IN your life looks like going through the motions of your day with little thought about your life as a whole or a vision for what you REALLY want to achieve, inside and outside the workplace. It leads to dissatisfaction, unhappiness, and feeling stuck. Say goodbye to the hamster wheel with this fun, interactive session where we take a 360° approach to your life with my 5-step proven formula for guaranteed happiness and fulfillment. We’ll pull back the curtain on what YOU want most in EACH area of your life, identify what need’s some tweaking and learn how Goals + A Plan + Messy Action can dramatically change your life and impact your career! And it’s not just about learning. You’ll walk away with a personalized plan PLUS the unique steps you can take to start seeing results today. Bonus: You’ll receive all the tools and resources to help you track and achieve your goals through the remainder of 2021.