Name: Ren Kaur

Employer/position: Project Manager for Support Services Administration, Kaiser Permanente

Role on the committee: Logistics Member

Ren is a Project Manager with Kaiser Permanente. She has extensive experience and proven ability to develop and successfully implement clear and effective communication strategies and tactics in the Support Services Administration Department. At Kaiser Permanente, Ren has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of Health Care Professionals across the organization on projects related to Threat Management, Emergency Preparedness and Hospital Space Planning. She completed her MBA in 2019 at the University of California Davis Graduate School of Management.

Ren is looking forward to reuniting with the Metro EDGE and building her network with like-minded individuals. She is adaptive to changing environments, consistently facilitates healthy, collaborative relationships amongst teammates. For fun, she likes to spend her time traveling, working out in her home gym with her husband, having a laugh with friends and family, and most recently decorating her baby’s nursery.