Name: Liz Lorand

Employer/position: Director of Regional Developnent, California Restaurant Association

Role on the committee: 
Breakouts Co-Lead

Liz is the Director of Regional Development for the California Restaurant Association. Liz joined Metro EDGE a little over a year ago and jumped right into a few committees. This year she sits on the Empower Committee and Emerge Summit Committee, in addition to being the PAC (Political Action Committee) appointee representing Metro EDGE on the Metro Chamber PAC Board.

Last year was her first time attending the Emerge Summit and is delighted to be part of the planning team for 2020! Liz believes the Emerge Summit inspires you to dream big and get excited about who you are and the possibilities of your future, no matter your path. Education, culture, community, networking and more are packed into one day and you don’t want to miss.

Liz loves living in the capital of California and being at the epicenter of local, statewide and national change. Sacramento has a little city feel with a big imagination; if there is something you are looking to do, it likely is happening – you just have to go out and find it.