Name: Joaquin E. Razo

Employer/Position: Executive Director, Blue Zones Project Upper Napa Valley

Role on the committee:
Emerge Summit Co-Chair

Joaquin serves as the Executive Director for Blue Zones Project Upper Napa Valley. Working with a dynamic team, the Blue Zones project, through people | policy | place, supports a thriving community to live longer, better. Prior Joaquin served as the Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce in Napa Valley. Working with over 200 member-businesses ranging from large international winery brands to small local boutique stores, the Chamber is an advocate for a thriving business community.

Joaquin comes to us with over fifteen years of organizational planning/restructuring; non-profit fundraising; diversity, inclusion & belonging integration; and strategic planning. Born in San Francisco and raised in Sacramento Joaquin has a passion for giving back to Northern California. He has served non-profits and various organizations in multiple roles from volunteer, staff member, consultant and board member. He is a graduate of the University of San Francisco’s McLaren School of Management, focusing on Organizational Behavior. As well as a graduate of Gonzaga University with a Masters in Organizational Behavior & Leadership with a concentration in Global Leadership.