Name: Janette Cruz

Employer/position: Sr. Enterprise Performance Coordinator, SMUD

Role on the committee: Project Management Lead

Janette Cruz is Senior Enterprise Performance Coordinator for SMUD. In her current role, she and her team manage how enterprise metrics and project performance are presented to Board and Executive Leadership. She brings structure to chaos, enabling candid and collaborative engagement; and is excited to manage Emerge Committee logistics.

Born in San Diego and raised in the Bay – Janette set up roots in Sacramento after completing her B.S. in Community & Regional Development from UC Davis. She completed an MBA at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management. Looking to further challenge herself inward & understand how to make an impact in the region, Janette was nominated & selected to participate in Nehemiah Emerging Leaders Program (NELP), Class 9. She is a member of both the Sacramento SPCA Marketing Committee & UC Davis Graduate School of Management Alumni Board. Married for 10 years & together nearly 20 to her husband Bryan, they have 3 dogs & little man Baby James.