What is the Metro EDGE Emerge Summit and who should attend?


Emerge Summit is an annual, one-day professional development conference hosted by Metro EDGE. You should attend if you are a young professional who wants to learn, grow, meet new people, and be inspired. In the past, EMERGE has been an enriching experience for people who are new to AND experienced in professional development.


Sounds good…but what can I expect to experience and walk away with?


The goal of the conference is to empower young professionals to develop and leverage skills and competencies to thrive in their careers and community engagement. Topics covered can be as specific as leadership style or LinkedIn content, or as broad as public-private partnerships to maximize positive community impact. No matter what session you attend, we promise you will walk away with a better understanding of how to grow your skills, find new ones, and most importantly, develop a stronger network.


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Who is considered a “young professional”?


We define “young professional” as any current or aspiring professional between the ages of 21 and 40. We establish age parameters not to be exclusive, but to improve our ability to create specificity around programming.


Unofficial FAQ: are we checking ID? No. 


What is Metro EDGE and why/how should I join?

Launched in 2009 as the young professional program of the Sacramento Metro Chamber Foundation, Metro EDGE represents more than 600 of the best and brightest young leaders in the Capital region. Metro EDGE members (better known as “EDGErs”) come from a myriad of business, public and nonprofit sectors with diverse backgrounds and education levels.


Ensuring the future of Sacramento is at the heart of Metro EDGE’s mission: To Engage a diverse network, Develop critical business skills, Give back to the community and Empower leadership.


You should join Metro EDGE if you’re a young professional in the Sacramento region looking to meet new people, grow your skill set, and get involved in the community. Some of our members participate in one of those activities, while some engage in all three! We’re excited to help you build a professional path that resonates strongly with your passions and the career of your dreams.


To become a member of Metro EDGE, you can fill out our online membership form here.


Still not convinced? Here’s our New Member Experience to give you a better idea of what membership looks like.


Do I have to be a member of Metro EDGE to attend Emerge?


Nope, come one and all!


Much of the Metro EDGE website talks about leadership. Do I need to have a career goal of a CEO, MBA, President, Mayor, or other executive to be a part of EDGE?


Nope. EDGE helps people explore their personal definition of leadership, and that can take many forms!


How many people attend this event?


Over 600 young professionals from all over the west coast!


What does a ticket include?


Your ticket includes inspiring main stage speakers, educational breakout sessions, lunch, swag, and a post-conference networking event which also happens to be our 10th birthday! Emerge is competitively priced to ensure businesses and individuals can afford this phenomenal day of learning and growth.


What will my day look like?


Check out our schedule once updated in July. In the meantime, expect something similar to the 2018 event with minor tweaks. Also, we are celebrating EDGE’s 10th birthday after the event (the party is included in your ticket).


How can I prepare for Emerge?


Breakout sessions are first come, first served, so we recommend reading up on all of them beforehand and choosing which ones you want to attend ahead of time. Also, practice your elevator pitch to describe you and your work the best you can. Lastly, don’t forget those business cards because you will have plenty of networking opportunities throughout the day.


What is the dress code?

For this type of event we say “business attire” because who knows, you might meet a future colleague and impressions are important! We suggest dressing for a cross between an interview and a post-work happy hour with your friends.


Think any combination of: suits, blouses, button-ups, slacks, skirts, polos, blazers, professional jeans…you get the drift.


Ultimately, you want to wear what you feel comfortable in while putting your best foot forward. While we’re on the subject of feet, please wear shoes you are comfortable walking in as breakout sessions are offsite.


Should I attend with my co-workers? Is it ok to attend by myself?


Just like any conference, Emerge has a mix of both. We’ve found that even if people come with co-workers or friends, they split up during the breakout sessions anyway, so you won’t feel like a lone wolf in any scenario. Emerge is about meeting fellow aspiring leaders to create friendships/partnerships/change in the community. So, yes, you can attend either with your co-workers or fly solo!


How can I sponsor Emerge Summit?


Sponsors are able to have their name on signage, materials, and digital communications leading up to the event in addition to attendance! Review the 2019 Metro EDGE sponsorship opportunities, then contact Metro EDGE Chair Anne Descalzo or Metro Chamber Foundation Staff Andrea Ellinghouse to find a package that best helps you reach your organization’s goals.


Still have questions? Shoot us a line via the Contact Page.