danielle henderson

Name: Danielle Estrella-Henderson

Employer/position: Manager, Resource Development at United Way California Capital Region

Role on the committee: I am leading the Give portion of the Emerge Summit.

What’s your relationship to Metro EDGE and/or Emerge Summit? I joined Metro EDGE in late 2018. I immediately gravitated to the Emerge Summit because of the energy it brings to Sacramento and its impact on YPs.

What do you love about Sacramento? Sacramento for me is home. I love that it is a small city where community and people are first. This vibrant city is full of passion, drive, helping hands, and energy.

Why would you recommend the Emerge Summit? The Emerge Summit is a fantastic opportunity to learn from leading professionals on how to make your vision or dream into a reality. It’s also a chance to push yourself out of your comfort zone to experience personal and professional growth.

How have you made your mark on Sacramento? So far, because I’ve got a long way to go, my mark has been made with the nonprofit community. As a fundraiser at United Way, I have had the chance to bring businesses, community leaders, educators, government, and nonprofits together to work on breaking down barriers to education as a method of reducing poverty.

One thing that people would be surprised to know about you? I have never eaten a pickle before.