Name: Alyssa Huskinson

Employer/position: Founder of AH + Co 

Role on the committee:
Community Partnerships Lead

Alyssa Huskinson is the founder of AH + Co, a design, consulting and event management firm that helps clients elevate their reach within the Sacramento community. Before devoting her work fulltime to AH + Co, Alyssa worked as the Development Manager at Front Street Animal Shelter. In addition to being a consultant, Alyssa is a lover of all things Sacramento – an animal advocate, self-proclaimed foodie, travel addict, and a wannabe stay-at-home dog mom to two boys: Jesse James and Hunter S. 

Her passion and vision began when she was looking for new and creative ways to fundraise and bring together the community – who she found were individuals who wanted to make a difference as she did. One of her favorite quotes is “every day is your chance to make this city a little better” (Alex Trujillo) – because every day is an opportunity to be a part of the change. When she’s not fundraising, you can find her at a local coffee shop, at spin with her girls, or in search of the best taco.