What excites you about speaking at the EMERGE Summit?
I like sharing my experiences in front of motivated peers.

What does #dareto mean to you?
For me that means getting out of your comfort zone. Sometimes that is the hardest thing to do and entrepreneurs are great at it.

What do you want to dare to (do)?

I want to keep thinking bigger and bigger. It seems like every time I accomplish things it makes me think bigger.

What advice do you have for young professionals to encourage them to “Dare to”?
I want young professionals to know that failure takes practice and it is something that happens to everyone. Never let fear of failure stop you from doing new things.

What is your vision for our region?
I feel like Sacramento has a blank slate to be one of the coolest cities in the nation. We are the capital of CA, sandwiched between some pretty iconic spots and I feel like the community we have here is real and down to earth. I envision a healthy downtown Sacramento area with awesome places to eat and lots of entertainment. A trend that is already happening but will only get better.