What excites you about speaking at the EMERGE Summit?
I’m excited to get in front of some hungry and excited young professionals and talk about how they can make their dreams a reality. I know they are the current and future leaders of Sacramento, so it will be great to have the opportunity to be a small part of their journey. I hope to inspire someone to go after their biggest dreams!
What does #dareto mean to you?
As a kid, a dare was a challenge. And if you got dared to do something and didn’t do it, you could never live it down. I think that when you have special gifts, talents abilities that you never use, you can never live that down. And not to others, but to yourself. No matter what others think, know or say about a person, that person always has to look herself or himself in the mirror, and they know the truth. #dareto to me means dare to be who you were born to be. Dare to reach for your greatest potential. Dare to do the unthinkable—which is go after exactly what you want! I triple-dog-dare ever single participant at Emerge to step into their greatness and use their greatest gifts to serve the world!
What do you want to dare to (do)?
On January 1st, 2015, I dared myself to step into my greatness, and use my public speaking ability to change the world. I dared to step outside of the norm, outside of my given path, and take a chance on something new. Right now, I’m daring to persist with my dream until it becomes a reality. That is, until I’m an internationally know speaker making a living my helping people transform their lives. It’s no longer a dare, It’s a must!
What advice do you have for young professionals to encourage them to “Dare to”?
Believe in yourself. Believe in yourself. Belief in yourself. The greatest achievements in our time have come from people just like you. And when I say “people just like you”, I mean humans. Regardless of circumstance, we are born with an infinite potential. Those who have achieved what you want to achieve are only different from you in that they did it. They took action. They believed. And they persisted until they got the result they wanted. Their humanity is no greater than yours; the same gifts we are all born with, you possess. The question is, are you using you gifts to their greatest potential? If not, the way to do this is to cultivate belief in yourself. Because when you believe it, it will happen. #dareto believe in yourself. #dare to believe in your dream. And know that if you do, all you want will be yours.
What is your vision for our region?
Sacramento will be a hub for innovation on all fronts. I think we have the opportunity to redefine smart growth, and redefine what it means for a city and a region to put equity into everything that we do. As one of the most diverse regions in the country, we have a tremendous potential to be a model for providing equal opportunity and benefits with or growth. My vision is that Sacramento will set the example for how to grow and become more connected not only as a city, but as a community. And that will take innovation—but we have the heart and the leadership to get it done.