Kyle Lawson (Master of Fine Arts) is a Sacramento (CA) based artist who uses his work to help and inspire others. You’ll find his work in galleries, shops, wineries, charity fundraisers, restaurants, & residences all over town (and also internationally). Kyle also teaches both private and public “Sip & Paint” classes throughout the greater Sacramento region. 

He has a very diverse portfolio ranging from whimsical illustrations, to large and highly abstract expressionistic paintings.

Kyle lives for creativity. He works in many types of medium. In much of his work, he composes a very unique visual balancing act between layers of color, balance of space, and depth of texture. With each layer applied to surface, a new depth of personality is added to the entirety of the work’s composition.

Baked into the texture of his paintings, Lawson hopes to promote the concept of layering in a deeper sense: representing the way that one constructs character through “layering” of experiences.

Kyle believes that overcoming struggle brings about perseverance. Experiencing the process of perseverance builds great character. In this, ultimately, strength of character radiates hope. Such is the process of “resurfacing.” A little bit at a time, layer by layer, we can all build great personal accomplishments.

Kyle has his master’s degree in Art Direction from the Academy of Art, San Francisco. 

He also has a Studio Art Degree from UC Santa Barbara.

To learn more about Kyle, please visit his website: